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Various Benefits of Chin Surgery

Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez

Surgery has been implemented in cosmetic aspect since long ago. But recently, there has been more awareness to the physical perfection which has given cosmetic surgery a new revolution.

When it comes to Chin surgery or mentoplasty, it is done to achieve different aspects and perfection of the chin. Sometimes it can be used for lowering the age in appearance also.

There are various types of surgeries to enhance the face. Some are temporary and some are permanent. Some are cheap and some are costly. So one needs to have a clear idea of what he or she wants. One may want to opt for permanent enhancements yet if he goes for a cheap option, then more of a chance is, it won’t last. And the enhancement will wear out over rehearsal course of time. On the other hand, one may want to go for a permanent solution but it may be overkill at some point of time. And not to mention, the cost that comes with permanent surgery is sky high and not everyone could afford that.

Thus is where mentoplasty gives the perfect opportunity. It is one of the cheapest, yet permanent solutions though there is no compromise over the quality of the procedure.

There are people who are OK with a front view but they are uncomfortable with the side view. For example, they may feel. Insecure about how their nose look from the side view, may be too big or may be too small, or how their chin looks like from the side view, may be too protruded…. So this surgery could address all these issues without much hassle to go through.

This surgery could even have effect in the appearance of the nose also. Since, some people have a bit of long or bigger nose, to balance it, surgery on chin could be used which will balance the nose with the chin. Does in order to perform a nose job, one doesn’t need to do directly on the nose. Sometimes indirect procedure can also yield good results. Just like in this case, where, a surgery on chin could balance out the nose.

Point to be noted here that, everything depends upon the frame of reference. Though there was no work done on the nose, since the chin balances out, the nose no longer becomes prominent. This is how a chin surgery could greatly affect the life of a person in many different ways.

However, before one opt for any kind of surgeries, he or she must make sure to consult the right surgeon. Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez is one of the best general and plastic surgeons in the Dominican Republic. He is also a member of the Dominican Medical College, of the Dominican College of Surgeons and the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

buttock gain in Santo Domingo

Plastic surgery is a huge decision you make in your life. There are a lot of benefits of using plastic surgery as it helps enhancing your looks, your personality and of course your posture and self-confidence, but then again, before you make the decision to go for a plastic surgery, you must make sure you are choosing the right surgeon.

Selecting a wrong plastic surgeon can lead you to various severe health issues and above all, the wrong surgery can even lead you to weird looks with various other troubles. It is very important for you to choose the perfect and the right plastic surgeon for yourself.

While we talk about choosing the right plastic surgeon, we cannot stop ourselves but mention the name of Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez is a certified surgeon who is an expert in both plastic and general surgery. He is also a member of the Dominican Medical College, of the Dominican College of Surgeons and the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Rodriguez performs surgeries like breast implants, liposculpture and buttock gain in Santo Domingo.

So why is it important for you to choose the right plastic surgeon? Why do you need to make sure that you are making no mistakes when you are choosing your plastic surgeon?

One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make in this industry is believing their surgery is not a serious one. Plastic surgery is cosmetic, and so the surgeries themselves are not treated as a major procedure. This way of thinking, however, is completely and utterly incorrect. Plastic surgery is something that must be taken seriously as there are far too many injuries in the United States each year.

The risks of plastic surgery are very high at stake. In Rhinoplasty, there is the risk of blood vessel bursts, which often ends in permanent red spots. Note that this can be fixed if there is additional surgery. Then again, in breast surgery, for example, the formation of scar tissue around the implant could cause the breast to feel hard. In addition to that, you have the possibility of bleeding or infection which will once again require additional surgery.

There are a lot of risks involved in a plastic surgery and you must be well aware of the risks before you consider going through the changes. A right surgeon will always tell you all about the risks that are involved so that you can make the right decision on the right time.

This is the reason why choosing the right surgeon is very important for you.

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Benefits of Doing Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose Job or as referred in medical sector as “Rhinoplasty” happens to be one of the most popular surgeries in today’s time. People want to reshape their nose, repair a few damages occurred due to some accidents or injuries or sometimes they want to alleviate structural issues that impede breathing, thousands of people opt for nose surgeries every year and get successful results.

Going for nose job or nose surgery has a lot of benefits; but you need to make sure that you are going to the right surgeon for the surgery. Choosing the right surgeon is very important for you as this is about how you are going to look after the surgery.

Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez is one of the best surgeons in the Dominican Republic who is an expert in General Surgery and then Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has been a member of the Dominican Medical College, of the Dominican College of Surgeons and the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery and a specialist in Aesthetic and Functional Nose Surgery for a long time.

So if you are confused whether or not to opt for nose surgery, here are a few benefits to make your mind clear—

1.    It helps you to breathe better. In case you have been suffering from breathing issue since a long time, then going for a nose job can help you with the problem.

2.    If you have a broken nose, then also you can opt for a nose job. A nose job can help you correcting a broken nose and you can get your beautiful nose back.

3.    When you are suffering from sinus issues, then a nose job can help you recover from the trouble. It helps you to avoid the pain and suffocation you go through while suffering from sinus.

4.    If you have been through a poor surgery previously, a nose job can help you correcting that. This is why you should always trust an expert and do your researches before you opt for any surgeon.

5.    When you have no-so-good shape and you want to reshape your nose, you can opt for a nose job for yourself. The surgery will help you get the best shape possible.

6.    If you have a medical problem where one of the passages of your nose is smaller than the others, you can opt for a nose job and correct it.

7.    If there is any kind of abnormal formations on your nose you can opt for a nose job and correct it.

These are a few benefits of nose jobs. So we hope you have made up your mind now! What are you waiting for? Go book your appointment!

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Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez – A Famous Cosmetic Surgeon from Dominican Republic

Cervical lifting

Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez is a famous surgeon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As a plastic surgeon he received many patients complaining about the area of the gills and the neck. It is true, after a woman or man exceeds 45 years will see changes in the laxity of the skin; The neck area is very sensitive to changes in weight, and damages the sun when we do not use proper protection and specific sun blockers. The aesthetic procedures to improve the neck are specific and with very good results. The surgery lasts one and a half hours, with local anesthesia and sedation. Safety is the most important thing for us and the strict preoperative protocols allow us to take the operating room in optimum conditions. If you are a smoker, we will do spitometry; And if you are diabetic or suffering from the thyroid we perform evaluation by endocrinology. If you do not qualify we will sincerely recommend not operating or preparing to do so at another time.

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Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez – A Famous Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgeon

eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is the definitive procedure to improve and remove the eyelid bags that form after the forties. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, so that the patient comes to our center in the early hours of the morning and in the afternoon is discharged. Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez is a famous blepharoplasty or eyelid surgeon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We proceed to leave the patient in recovery room for 15 minutes and then he is taken to his room to have a tea and some broth, after two hours to discharge. For the first three days, we always advise the patient to use cold drinks with camomile tea without sugar, alternating 10 minutes with the cold gas and 10 minutes without the same.

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Top Breast Reconstruction Surgeon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the creation of a new breast shape using surgery. Autologous tissue or prosthetic devices is used to construct a natural-looking breast. Often this includes reforming the areola and nipple. This procedure involves the use of breast implants or flaps relocatable tissue from the same patient.

Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez is the top breast reconstruction surgeon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic that can help you restore your breast to its original appearance.

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Dr.Wilfredo Rodriguez – Top Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Dominican Republic

Breast augmentation surgeryToday more than ever necessary to project the best image; our body, our dress and act is part of the perception others have of us.

Breast and gluteal region, have been in all ages the most observed and admired anatomical regions. Also, the current fashion is inspired and has as one of the main objectives exalt the beauty of breasts and buttocks. In fact are the elements of sexual attraction are in first place in the concept of beauty in almost all cultures and ethnic groups.

Breast augmentationBreast augmentation surgery is the second surgery, after liposuction, that more is done around the world and more women come to us to improve their breasts securely using silicone implants. Top plastic surgeon Dr.Wilfredo Rodriguez from Dominican Republic offers breast augmentation using both silicone breast implants and saline breast implants for the best results. To book your appointment, call now +1-809-331-5050 or visit our website here.