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Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez – A Famous Cosmetic Surgeon from Dominican Republic

Cervical lifting

Dr. Wilfredo Rodriguez is a famous surgeon in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As a plastic surgeon he received many patients complaining about the area of the gills and the neck. It is true, after a woman or man exceeds 45 years will see changes in the laxity of the skin; The neck area is very sensitive to changes in weight, and damages the sun when we do not use proper protection and specific sun blockers. The aesthetic procedures to improve the neck are specific and with very good results. The surgery lasts one and a half hours, with local anesthesia and sedation. Safety is the most important thing for us and the strict preoperative protocols allow us to take the operating room in optimum conditions. If you are a smoker, we will do spitometry; And if you are diabetic or suffering from the thyroid we perform evaluation by endocrinology. If you do not qualify we will sincerely recommend not operating or preparing to do so at another time.



Dr. Wilfredo Rodríguez, Cirujano plástico de República Dominicana especializado en elevación de mama, cirugía de abdomen y las nalgas.

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