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Dr.Wilfredo Rodriguez – Top Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Dominican Republic

Breast augmentation surgeryToday more than ever necessary to project the best image; our body, our dress and act is part of the perception others have of us.

Breast and gluteal region, have been in all ages the most observed and admired anatomical regions. Also, the current fashion is inspired and has as one of the main objectives exalt the beauty of breasts and buttocks. In fact are the elements of sexual attraction are in first place in the concept of beauty in almost all cultures and ethnic groups.

Breast augmentationBreast augmentation surgery is the second surgery, after liposuction, that more is done around the world and more women come to us to improve their breasts securely using silicone implants. Top plastic surgeon Dr.Wilfredo Rodriguez from Dominican Republic offers breast augmentation using both silicone breast implants and saline breast implants for the best results. To book your appointment, call now +1-809-331-5050 or visit our website here.



Dr. Wilfredo Rodríguez, Cirujano plástico de República Dominicana especializado en elevación de mama, cirugía de abdomen y las nalgas.

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