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Have A Great Looking Facial Appearance With A Simple Facial Lift Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Facial lift surgeryWhat do you see when you look into a mirror?

For most they see a face that needs some modifications. Some say that the face is a mirror to the soul and this actually has some truth in it as your facial expression says a lot about how you feel at the moment.

The face also serves as the first point of attraction, as people with attractive facial features tend to have more admirers than those with not so attractive facial features.

The face is able to project all your emotions through expression such emotions as anger, happiness and sadness and this cuts across all ages, gender, race and ethnicity.

The aim of face lift or ritidectomia is to help patients improve the quality of their life by enhancing their facial features.
This is the primary objective of plastic surgeons as they understand that the main reason patients come to them for a cosmetic modification surgery is because they are not satisfied with the way they look and this causes psychological issues like depression, anxiety, low self esteem and insecurity.

Facial lifting however is advisable for people over the age of 45 years as when you reach middle age your facial features tend to lose their elasticity and flexibility which is what gives us that youthful appearance.

The patients medical history and profiling will be carried out on the first appointment, this is to help the chief surgeon determine what procedure will be best for the patient as each patient is different and unique and they are treated as such.

The head surgeon will be in the vest position to offer his professional advice on what part of the patient’s facial features need modification.
It could be the patient’s neck, chin, cheeks, forehead or eyelids. This will be determined by the surgeon.

The objective always is to enhance the beauty of the patient’s facial features in the most natural way without any exaggeration to the facial features.

Facial lift surgery usually takes two hours to complete. The procedure usually includes modifications and amendments to the; cheeks, forehead, neck and jowls.

Surgeons may apply hyaluronic acid and botox to the lips of a patient to help it look more refined.

The surgical incisions in most cases are hardly noticeable and heal without leaving any signs.

The patient is usually kept for a 24 hour observation in the hospital. The head surgeon will afterwards brief the patient on the sort of care he or she would need to adopt for the next 15 days after the surgery.

In fifteen days time the patient can go on about his usual activities, however it would be expected that they keep away from sunlight for at least 30 days after the surgery.

You are more than likely to have an improvement in the quality of your life and your insecurity, self-esteem, depression and anxiety  will vanish in no time at all.

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Dr. Wilfredo Rodríguez, Cirujano plástico de República Dominicana especializado en elevación de mama, cirugía de abdomen y las nalgas.

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